This week I focused on analyzing the MUTCD color distribution for each MUTCD color. This is necessary first to binarize the traffic sign to apply the line receptor algorithm. Since we are now handling the real traffic sign, we have to know the color distribution of the background colors to do the binarization correctly to improve the line receptor recognition. The method selected to collect the color distribution (i.e. the actual RGB values of each one specific color in the real traffic sign images) is selecting the color region in the traffic sign image manually using the picture tool and using those as the mask to extract the actual RGB values from the input traffic sign image. Current statics up to 09/15/2006 is following. Please see Choosing a proper color space also.

  • Manually color-taged files: 801
  • MUTCD codes: R1-1, R1-2, R2-1
  • Tagged colors (counts), (distinct RGB values):
    • White (598583), (87252)
    • Red (196528), (67804)
    • Black (47085), (16126)

Besides, Ibrahima collected more traffic signs and we updated the database. Please see Construct the traffic sign database to see the most recent database statistics.