Thanks for your patience. Messed up things during moving are finally getting into the right place. I will have a full Internet connection at my home this Saturday.

Let me catch up the work. I downloaded Ibrahima's most recent works today (Thank you, Ibrahima!) and prepared its statistics. Please check Construct the traffic sign database.

During our last meeting, we mentioned to choose the small set of signs for the line receptor recognition based on its correlation graph. However, I found the signs that line receptors show more distinctive features are mostly limited to special cases embedding texts inside. Since we will not challenge OCR at the first state of recognition, limiting the target traffic signs for such categories do not make a much sense right now (but will be challenged later). So let us first collect data in a desultory or aggressive way and after do post-filtering based on the ANN performance of each sign type.

Besides, I updated MUTCD Traffic Sign Coder program to have:

  1. Initialize button to set keywords and options in the Search MUTCD codebook window to its initial status.
  2. Now a user can move between options in the Search MUTCD codebook using the TAB key to move down and Shift-TAB to move back.
  3. It is possible now to embed the database within the program. This means that we do not need to install MySQL database separately. I embedded the MySQL source codes into the MUTCD Traffic Sign Coder program. However, I will check more its stability and it is necessary to develop the data query interface. So it is not enabled yet.

The new screen shot is available at MUTCD Traffic Sign Coder.

Ibrahima, please find the attached zip file to download the new program. You can just uncompress files into the existing directory. But PLEASE backup all of the existing duplicated execution files (exe and dlls) before you overwrite on those. It is VERY IMPORTANT to do back up files before install any updates since there could be a problem that I did not expect to happen. Do backup execution files first and after overwrite the zipped files on above on it. If the new problem does not work and display any error messages, please send me the details about those. If the zipped file is not encoded properly, then the same version is available at Download. By the way, Ibrahima, please complain any things freely to improve this software.

From now on, I will first start preparing the training data set for line receptor status vector computation for ANN training. It will be focused on 4 traffic signs (R2-1, R1-1, W1-2 and W13-1) which each has at least more than 100 samples.