By using the CodeJock Xtreme library, I am developing the MUTCD traffic sign coder software (Current screen copy is available here but this is not fully implemented yet. Specifically MUTCD code select window will be attached on the right side of the screen: Download.

Regarding the MUTCD code select interface, there was one problem in the MUTCD code information that I collected before. While I was summarizing the MUTCD code to construct the MUTCD code select interface for the software, I found that there are many missing codes because they do not exist at the web site where I automatically collected MUTCD sign sample images.

So I am reading through whole MUTCD document again and decided manually extracting images directly from their document. This new MUTCD code database will have enriched information with more details on each traffic signs like its shape, background color, legend color, etc. It will take a few days to rebuild the new MUTCD code database and after will link those to the software to display sign information.