This week, I developed the the traffic sign recognition (TSR) interface which is finally working as shown in Traffic sign recognition test.

TSR interface has a number of features: (1) Automatic and manual polygon detection and extraction algorithms are embedded. (2) Decompose colors into traffic sign colors (8 colors). (3) Binarization using the dominant color (4) Run the TSR neural network for the recognition (5) Display the recognition result with the reliability and the database traffic sign image.

Above features exactly implement the algorithm illustrated at Traffic sign pattern recognition algorithm.

This means that we now finished the first round of development to see the preliminary performance of our algorithms. To further extend and enhance algorithms, I got a traffic sign sample images from Dr. Wang last week. So from now on, I will work on enhancing the recognition performance by analyzing the real traffic scenes.

Besides, I read a number of papers [1] and add reviews at Reviews on TSPR related projects. Within those, I strongly recommend you to read two papers. This will help us understand the exact problem sets in the traffic sign recognition.

Reviews on the road sign recognition compiled up to 1999 works [2]

Reviews on the road sign recognition compiled up to 1995 works [3]