This week, I am developing ANN algorithms using line receptors for the image extracted from the polygon detector that I presented last week. To see its progress, please check the TSPR Recetpor Recognition modules. I expect to show the first preliminary result in a soon.

Besides, I am still wondering whether you are interested in using Codejock Windows interface libraries. However, since I did not get any reply on this matter, I completely redesigned the Polygon detector user interface to remove the Codejock library dependency. The newly revised Polygon detector is available at Download.

My libraries are getting bigger and diverse. So I started using Doxygen (Thanks Dr. Wang) to create the source document. Please check:

Currently, I am developing libraries in two folds: computation only DLLs and user interfaces. TSPR dll is for the computation and all other user interface libraries including PolygonDetector will provide the user interface on top of tspr.dll.

Anyway, as I mentioned before, I am using the OpenCV library and FANN neural computation modules and you need both to compile my codes. The file size including my codes, libraries, and traffic sign database is about 550 MB right now. I will remove some redundant data and intermediate object files to be ready for compilation and submit those to Dr. Wang so that he can play with codes easily.