On-going project: e-Log

Pil Ho Kim, PhD.

Mari-Curie Research Fellow

Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science

University of Trento

E-mail: pilho.kim@disi.unitn.it

This Wiki maintains the materials related with my on-going research works. It mostly works as the sketch board of my research ideas which I cease to update once my work reaches the level of publication or implementation. Let me refer my published papers for formal and correct information.

I have worked on multimedia analysis and database system area specifically for content archiving and management. Brief introductions of my work and contributions are summarized at Research. Also see Resume to check my backgrounds. I am currently developing and maintaining the elifelog.org community.

Thanks for your visiting. For any questions, reach my by pilho.kim@disi.unitn.it or follow me Twit2.gif.

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  • Information 16.png 04-05-2010: Launched the elifelog.org community, which is the open space for life-log research collaboration.
  • Information 16.png 11-02-2010: Started the e-Log wiki. This wiki will keep up the recent progress and on-going works of my life logging projects using ViconRevue, iPhone and multiple software applications.
  • Information 16.png 05-01-2010: I recently moved to Trento in Italy as the Marie Curie Fellow for the research at UNITN. Here I work with Dr. Fauso on the life logging related research topics. Trento is a really beautiful city surrounded by magnificent mountains of Alps and is a very well maintained historical city -- great city to visit.
  • Information 16.png 07-28-2009: The E-model database system performs unstructured queries 224 times faster than XML-enabled RDBMS and 13 times faster than RDBMS on the same server! I spent several years to implement this database system. Its speed simply outperforms than my expectation. I wish this could give my invention a good credit to enter into the competitive database market.
  • Important 16.png 03-19-2009: How to remove spams from Wiki discussion pages? Well, there are always not invited visitors. This wiki has been attacked for a while. I scribbled simple methods on the way to remove spams and to protect the wiki site at Remove Wiki spam messages.
  • Information 16.png 02-14-2009: TPC-H is an ad-hoc, decision support benchmark. It is a very famous benchmarking specification for commercialized enterprise database vendors. The problem I encountered was for MySQL, which is the biggest open-source database, that no proper supports exist from TPC-H. So I prepared the instruction for whom wants to test TPC-H at their personal computer against MySQL. Project/EFIM/TPC-H will give you a complete overview on my experiment.
  • Information 16.png 08-26-2008: A statistical GUI named eGoogle is available for fun that measures the popularity of multiple keywords over various media sources (web page, blog, news, image, video and even patents plus). It uses Google Ajax Search API and YUI. See eGoogle for details and visit the demo site at http://www.pilhokim.com/project/egoogle/. You will find out whom between two candidates is more popular in the wired world.
  • Information 16.png 02-01-2007: Have you been amazed with Wikipedia by its power, knowledge and active contents updated by numerous Internet users? Have you been thinking using Wikipedia at your desktop? If you are willing to spend some hours to have it on your PC for research purposes like me, then see Import Wikipedia database dump files for details to import Wikipedia database. It also describes my hands-on experiences.
  • Information 16.png 01-18-2007: All project Wikis are merged into Pilho's main Wiki. Currently, eChronicle and TSPR Wikis are imported completely. In a future, all topics will be diverged from Pilho's main Wiki.
  • Information 16.png 12-22-2006: Have you ever wondered how many different types of traffic signs are on the road? Based on the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), 667 different looking signs exist. What do they represent and what should we do when we see them on the road? Please try the MUTCD code search interface program that I opened for the public.
  • Ok 16.png 05-06-2006: The eChronicle Wiki is launched.
  • Ok 16.png 05-04-2006: The TSPR Wiki is launched.