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Welcome to e-Log

e-Log is the life logging project using mobile devices (ViconRevue or called Sensecam and iPhone). It also monitors all my social communication records using software sensors. All data collected are managed by the e-log database system for experiential information retrieval.

The key challenge in life logging is the back-end database system that needs to maintain all sorts of logs. The e-log database challenges this problem using the concept of an event as a generalized life modeling basis. The knowledge and data we have on the event is represented as the directed connections between events where their rules on object formulation and connection are mathematically well-formulated with the software system support. See the E-model database, which I developed during my PhD in GaTech as the back-end system for this approach for details.

I am now developing and maintaining the elifelog.org community for open-source life-log research collaboration. See you there :)

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  • Information 16.png 04-05-2010: e-Log is now expanded to the elifelog.org community, which is the open space for life-log research collaboration.
  • Important 16.png 2011-2-16: I will present the current e-log status at the KnowDive seminar. See e-log presentations for details.
  • Important 16.png 2010-11-09: I am slowly populating the e-Log project contents. The first completion would be around April 2011. However you are very welcome to keep the trace with me by sending me any questions on my works.
  • Bulbgraph.png 2010-11-02: The e-Log project has started initially on July 9th, 2010 to test the suitability of current mobile devices and software applications to see whether I can collect enough and meaningful data for life logging. After a few months testing since then, I decided to open some parts of the progress through this wiki to share the result with interested researchers. Thus the contents will be filled up as the time goes.